Hic Bibi Nurseries

Volume growers of Quality Hebes, Shrubs and Perennials.

Suppliers to the Landscape, Amenity and Retail Market

Available in 2, 5, 7.5 and 10L pots – Prices on application


Call Charlie: 07761000780 / Fern: 07557363882

Email: hicbibinurseries@yahoo.co.uk

Hic Bibi Wholesale Nurseries have specialised in growing and supplying Hebes for 30 years.

Over the years, our lines have expanded to cover other shrubs and now perennials too – we are keen to grow plants that assist with the conservation of bees and butterflies.

We are a hardworking and dedicated team who are passionate about the plants we grow.

Please have a look at our photo Gallery and What’s New? to see what lines we are growing now!

Our range of Hebe include:

Hebe Albicans, Hebe Cobb Valley, Hebe Armstrongii, Hebe Autumn Glory, Hebe Baby Blush, Hebe Baby Marie, Hebe Black Beauty, Hebe Blue Gem, Hebe Brachysiphon, Hebe Bronze Baby, Hebe Buxifolia, Hebe Caledonia, Hebe Cara, Hebe Carl Teschner, Hebe Carnea Variegata, Hebe Champagne, Hebe Champion, Hebe Charming White, Hebe Cobb Valley, Hebe Cupressoides, Hebe Diosmiofolia, Hebe Golden Dome, Hebe Great Orme, Hebe Green Globe, Hebe Inspiation, Hebe James Stirling, Hebe Kirkii, Hebe Lady Anne, Hebe Marjorie, Hebe Mauri Gem, Hebe Midsummer Beauty, Hebe Mrs Winder, Hebe New Zealand Gold, Hebe Nicola’s Blush, Hebe Oratia Beauty, Hebe Pageii, Hebe Pastel Blue, Hebe Pink Elephant, Hebe Pink Fantasy, Hebe Pink Ocean, Hebe Pink Paradise, Hebe Pinocchio, Hebe Purple King, Hebe Purple Paradise, Hebe Purple Queen, Hebe Purple Tips, Hebe Quicksilver, Hebe Rakaiensis, Hebe Red Edge, Hebe Sapphire, Hebe Spenders Seedling, Hebe Sutherlandii, Hebe Tricolour, Hebe Vernicosa, Hebe White Gem, Hebe Wiri Charm, Hebe Wiri Dawn, Hebe Wiri Mist …

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